How To Make A Picture Transparent In Photoshop Elements

Open or create an image that contains transparency and choose File Save For Web. TASTY becomes transparent when its opacity is set to 50.

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Click once on your photo in the live work area.

How to make a picture transparent in photoshop elements. There may be times though when you want only a small part of one layer to be transparent or semi-transparent. Used the Quick Selection Tool to outline the image background right clicked on the background and used Select inverse so that the image I wanted was selected copied the selected image opened a new blank file FileNewBlank File or CtrlN which gives a new file with a transparent. You can change the opacity of layers filters and effects so that more or less of the underlying image shows through.

How to make a transparent background. So Im going to put the examples on a pretend gray blog page. If you save them as JPEGs the background will save as white.

Certain image formats do not support transparency. You will get a blinking cursor indicating that you can start typing. The number one rule for having images with transparent backgrounds in Elements is to save those files as PNGs.

In the Save For Web dialog box select GIF PNG8 or PNG24 as the optimization format. Open the picture file Used the magnetic lasso tool to select the the foreground Place the selection on its own layer LayerNewLayer via copy or CTRLJ – this will be Layer 1 Delete the background layer. Since the background of my blog is white its not good for showing you this type of example.

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Opacity is the extent to which something blocks light. In Elements 9 I. Go to the Toolbox and click on the Horizontal Type tool t o make it the active tool.

For best results choose an image where the subject has clear edges with nothing overlapping. STEP ONE- Add Type To Your Photo. How To Make Part Of A Layer Transparent Usually when you change the opacity of a layer in Photoshop using the Opacity slider at the top of the Layers panel the WHOLE layer changes to that opacity.

For the GIF and PNG8 formats specify how to treat partially transparent.

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