How To Reduce Gif File Size Without Losing Quality In Photoshop

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Reduce the frame size pixel dimensions.

How to reduce gif file size without losing quality in photoshop. Then you should select all remaining frames and increase the duration of them to compensate for the loss of frames. Running it through ImageOptim reduced it another 4 to 38 MB on the button without losing any more quality. You look at that left corner your file size reduce sing.

Select Save for Web3. The Photo Compress 20 allows you to compress large photos into smaller sized images with minimalno loss to the quality. Yet another useful feature is that this app will also allow you to resize GIF.

Crop Image If youre satisfied with your images size but want to remove specific areas or focus on certain parts of the image youll want to use Photoshops crop tool to change the photos width and height. These are the things that you should keep in mind while making a GIF as it will offer you a better GIF concerning file size and quality. FileSave saves over the original file.

To add some more information here. Open the image then go to the save for web device then you reduce color and dither point. Good Compression output image is smaller then default option.

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Select output file size framerate or quality to get the best compression and quality. While this isnt a huge issue these images are used for the web and smaller is better. You can also reduce the size of the GIF animation if you reopen the exported GIF back into Photoshop and delete every second or third frame from the Timeline Panel.

By default tool will keep all colors of original image since GIF format only supports up to 256 colors you can further reduce the file size by choosing fewer colors such as 128 colors 64 colors and you can even choose to use grayscale. Maybe try a border instead. Well this is not exactly a GIF file compressing app but it does the work nevertheless.

This produces file sizes of several hundred kilobytes depending on size of image. I talk about. Reduce the color palette to the absolute minimum.

This is how I export small but high quality animated GIFs for my animation portfolio website or for websites like Tumblr with filesize limits. Other than these you can reconsider the use of some colors and color reduction algorithms to save some size. An Image Size dialog box will appear like the one pictured below.

Many of the images I use and create get sent via email. Optionally resize image by changing the output resolution to make an even smaller GIF file. Best Compression output image is the smallest.

Reduce the number of transitions try 2 transitions instead of 3 remove the background pattern GIFs compress better with less horizontal changes in data. What are techniques without reducing quality to reduce the file size. The more lossy compression the smaller the file size.

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Some images must contain dithering to look good but its best to use the least amount of dithering possible to keep the smallest file size. With Photoshop open go to File Open and select an image. Reduce the amount of dithering.

FileSave As lets you preserve the original files while creating a new file. Changing the size of a GIF without lowering res by PinkPiggie. To reduce and optimize any gif consider removing additional file frames from the timeline.

Lock important colors if needed. Go to Image Image Size. Change compress options Optional Output Extension.

When I converted it to a GIF in Photoshop I was able to get it down to around 4 MB although at the cost of a lot of detail. Traditionally GIF was a lossless file format. Try using different software to compress it more.

Lossy compression discards visual information which can reduce the file size. Open the image then go to the save for web device then you reduce color and dither point. Enter new pixel dimensions document size or resolution.

Reduce the number of colors in the GIF palette.

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