How To Remove White Background And Make Transparent In Photoshop

White background Ultimate guide on how to remove white background from Image in Photoshop. Then create your selection with the Magic Wand Tool.

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As you drag youll see the white areas of the.

How to remove white background and make transparent in photoshop. Select the Background Eraser tool from the Photoshop toolbox. Save for Web under the file tab and choosing PNG. You can then replace the background according to your tastes.

Remove the whitespaces In the Layers panel select the layer with the image. Transparent background is easy to create with Photoshop. Back on the Tools panel left side right-click on the eraser tool set and select Magic Eraser Tool.

To use a Layer Mask create one on the layer you intend to remove the white pixels on. Right-click the Object Selection tool icon and choose Magic Wand tool from the drop-down. Select the background color layer from the layer bar and press AltDelete and see the result.

If you save as a JPEG all your hard work will be for nothing as it will save with a white background PNG keeps the transparency. Youll see now the background is transparent. Just click the white part and it will automatically select the similar color.

When you hit Delete you might see this Fill dialog box popping up. Export and Save for Web. This can be used for lo.

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Use of Pen Tool to Remove White Background in Photoshop. Replacing A Background In Photoshop. It can be hidden under the Eraser tool.

Then these tools are useful for this type of background. Photoshops main enchanting power is also live in those tools. This type of eraser will automatically erase a single enclosed shade of color from an image.

You can replace the background of an image in Photoshop by first removing the background and leaving it transparent. Fastest Remove Background Using Background Eraser Tool in Photoshop. Upload your image to automatically remove the background in an instant.

Sometimes editors need to deal with the complex background. Press CTRL I to inverse the layer mask results. This process is almost similar to the above process just there is a difference in the beginning.

If you want to hide a white background drag the highlight slider the one on the right toward the middle until the white part is transparent. You can use the background eraser tool. Hit Delete button and the selection is now removed.

How to remove white in photoshop. Select if from the Tool Panel click on the white background to select it. Once confirmed the image background that the Select Subject tool detected will be removed and replaced with a white background.

How Could Making White Transparent Benefit Your Images. If so click and hold the delete tool to reveal it. For best results choose an image where the subject has clear edges with nothing overlapping.

Trim the image based on transparent pixels on all sides. Finally rather than erasing use the Brush Tool and keyboard shortcut B to paint on black to hide and white to reveal pixels in your selection. Click on the add layer mask icon to delete the background youll have similar results as shown below.

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This is how you can remove white background from your photo and change the color of the background. How to Remove Background using Magic Wand tool.

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